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What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Ruining Your Relationship

by Dr. Jane Greer

This book was a doozy to read. While it is along the same lines of The 5 Love Languages, it gives you another deep perspective on who you are in the relationship. Most people fall into 1 of 4 categories: Martyr, Giver, Taker or Controller. 

While reading it, its easy to see where you fit on this spectrum, but for those who are unsure, there is a helpful quiz at the end, that will show where you truly fall. It also gives perspectives on relationship “hot-spots”, those nagging situations that you expect to change, but never do. 

I highly recommend this book to be read with the The 5 Love Languages to really truly understand yourself, your partner, previous partners, and what you should and should not accept from relationships.

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