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They always say that its the little things in life that mean the most. I don’t know why “they” are, but as I continue on this journey, it has come to my realization that the little things do mean the most.

This is even more apparent during the times we are in. Every day it seems 2020 has been throwing us a new curve ball to deal with. We’ve been forced into situations where we have no choice but to look inward, re-evaluate, and come to new conclusions about ourselves.

In light of the times we are in, I want to pose a few questions:

Does the colour of someone’s skin really make a difference to you?

What about someone’s occupation... Does someone’s occupation really make a difference in them being a nice person or not?

Does it really matter to you who someone else loves?

What about how they identify themselves?

Are these things that you think about and lose sleep over?

We are in a time, where these things matter to so many people. The colour of a person’s skin, does not make them a bad person. The occupation of someone does not make them a bad person.

If someone finds love, then we should be happy and celebrate that.

If someone find their true identity, we should be happy that they no longer have to live in fear of not being truthful to themselves.

Take away our skin, our gender, our race, our creed, our religion, our preferences, and you know what we are? The same. We are all the same.

It shocks me that we still are having these discussions. That this is still a topic that people need to be having. There is only one race. The human race. What makes us beautiful as a human race, are our differences. These are things that should be celebrated, not hated.

Love those around you. Because we are all family, we all share one big house.

Now, I want you to ask yourselves these questions, and I urge you to write them down:

  1. What is something that really matters to you?

  2. Who really matters to you?

  3. What is something that you love to do?

  4. Where is the next place you want to go?

  5. What is one thing that you have learned a hard lesson from?

  6. What are 3 things in nature you are grateful for?

  7. What are 3 smells you love?

  8. What are 3 things you love about yourself?

  9. What are 3 things that you are really good at?

  10. What is 1 thing you look forward to everyday?

Let me start:

  1. Growing and learning from my past, my mistakes, and continuing the adventure of healing

  2. My family, my friends, and my big fluffy puppers

  3. I love painting, and photography

  4. I would love to travel to Greece and Italy. And of course, to DisneyWorld once the Canadian / US boarders reopen

  5. My most recent break up. It taught me that its okay to ask for help, and to do it before its too late.

  6. I am grateful for sunshine, shady trees, and the beach

  7. Freshly fallen rain, lilac, coconut scented sunscreen

  8. I love my ability to see the good in people, my eyes, and my determination

  9. I am really good at writing, painting, and making people laugh

  10. Taking my pup for an evening walk

These are things things that I love. They are the little things in life that I find enjoyment in. They are nothing fancy, but life doesn’t have to be.

These are things that we usually tend to take for granted, because they are always there. Some people would dream to have the things we have. Even on my darkest days I always know that I will love to sit outside and have the sun shine on my face. I know that when it rains, I will love the smell of the wet asphalt. When it’s dark and I feel alone, I know that sitting alone at the beach and mediating will bring me back to the centre, and give me a sense a calm. When I am stressed out, and feel as though I’m spinning out of control, and could break down crying at any moment, I know that a canvas and some paints, or a hug from my mum will help to settle me, and bring my racing thoughts out of overdrive.

I urge everyone to look deep down, and find out the things we are grateful for; find the little things in life and enjoy them. Enjoy the absolute hell out of them. Because why not? If we don’t stop to smell the roses once in a while, we will spend our whole lives wondering what they smell like, then regret that we will never know when its too late.

Enjoy the little things, hug your new circle of 10 (if you’re in the province of Ontario anyway), and keep your chins up darlings.

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