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Femme - I Am Affirmations to Guide You on a Self-Love Journey

by Love Powered CoTM

I’m always all for supporting a local Canadian company. I was first introduced to Love Powered Co, through a podcast, started to follow them on Instagram, and very soon after found myself ordering a set of these beautiful cards. 

One of the greatest things I have ever done, was teach myself how to speak positively myself, and these cards gave me an amazing starting point. I still read them to myself everyday as part of my morning meditations. 

The statements on the beautifully designed cards are “I am...” statements, this allows your brain to really focus on them. Saying them out loud really helps to ingrain these positive affirmations to yourself, allowing you to really truly feel them. 


For all the negative self-talkers out there, I highly recommend getting a set, or even ordering their downloadable PDF that can be read on your smart device, to really help set your brain on the track of positivity and self-love.

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