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Girl, Wash Your Face

by Rachel Hollis

You know those lies you always tell yourself? They can be anything from negative things you say about yourself, to ridiculous out of this world type lies like marrying a celebrity. You know the ones I am talking about... well Rachel Hollis sure does, and she has identified a lot of them in this book. 

One of the big things for me during my times of understanding my new life, and how to best overcome the trials and tribulations I was experiencing was needing to know that I wasn’t alone. To read Hollis’ book, there were so many things that spoke to me, that made me realize, I am not the only one who thinks like this. Some hardcore lessons were learned from this book, and I am grateful for every single one of them

Combined with humour, and some hard truths about her own life, Girl, Wash Your Face is like the friend I wish I had to bounce ideas off.


Get your highlighter’s ready for this one, because there are so many interesting and insightful tidbits hidden all throughout this book. 

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