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About Me


Just a hot mess survivor trying to turn
life into lemonade, and help others in the process

Navigating life is hard enough. But trying to navigate life post-divorce, with anxiety, post-traumatic stress and a trauma-triggered brain is even harder.

I have spent the past two years trying to grow through what I have gone through. To say that has been hard is an understatement. When I started on this journey, I had an amazing support system. But trying to explain what I was grieving, what I had experienced, and how overwhelmed my new brain was was nearly impossible. I knew I had people behind me every step of this process, but what I really wanted, was someone who understood; I wanted someone to talk to who had been in my shoes, and lived to tell about it. I’ve always wanted a chance to help people, and while I am still very much going through my glow-up, and still constantly learning, processing and growing from everything that I have been through, I felt I needed to share my experiences in hopes that I can help at least one person. 

For the record: I do not have a degree. I am not a psychiatrist, I am not a psychologist or a psychotherapist. I am not a counsellor of any kind. I am just a 30-something hot mess, that is trying to navigate surviving on this big globe, who happens to have a lot of life experience. In the words of my loving sister:

“everything sucked, but then it got better”.

I am just trying to turn my life into lemonade. And my hope, my dear lemons, is that you will also be able to grow, glow, and heal from some of the words I share.  


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